Product Recall Insurance

No-one wants to hurt people.Justin Case After all, you went into your business to make great beer. Beer that draws people together and creates memorable happy social experiences.

But sometimes mistakes happen in brewing, bottling, labelling and packing your beer. Stuff happens that triggers a product withdrawal demand from retailers. Or worse if it has the potential to harm someone then a full-scale product recall.

And if that happens, it becomes your No.1 priority. Because you are into full-scale damage control.

It's all-consuming. And expensive. If a retailer is involved their expenses rack up into the tens of thousands of dollars. Fast.

If you are uninsured and a director, your house could be on the line. 


Crafted Insurance as unique as your beer

Our product withdrawal and recall insurance has been created, especially for the craft brewery industry. It is the only one available in Australia. 

It meets government (FSANZ) definitions of product recall and covers:

  • Product costs – disposal and remanufacture.
  • Make good remediation costs - pick, up, replace, refund
  • Legal fees to help with ACCC
  • Costs associated with retailer initiated withdrawal (not triggered by product recall)

It also includes unlimited access to expert consultants that can help with every aspect of the product recall programme

  • identifying & fixing the source of the manufacturing problem:
  • disaster recovery process
  • PR - brand repair


The risks are real

In 2019 there have been six publicised product recalls within the industry. And that does not include the numerous product withdrawals initiated by retailers unhappy with the beer after it arrives.Skip9

And that's just the stuff we know about. Many small brewers could not survive an uninsured product recall.

They would simply shut up shop, and the directors would bear the costs themselves.


Australia’s only product recall and product withdrawal insurance for craft brewers

Traditionally product recall insurance for craft brewers started at $30,000 p.a. and included a host of exclusions and excess limitations. Our starts from as little as $4000 p.a. Even if you use it just once in 10 years, you could be well ahead.

To find out more call Craft Brewery Insurance today on 1800 962 089 and ask to speak to:

Matt (QLD, NSW, & ACT)

Chris (NNSW & SEQ)

Jane (VIC & TAS)

Brent (WA, SA & NT)

Greg (Business Development)

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Free Risk Audit

  • Uncover the risks and liabilities hidden in your business
  • Expert advice on how to mitigate the risks
  • Proactive plans you can implement

They know who we are, they know our industry.

The best thing is the direct contact with their staff. They know who we are, they know our business, they know what policies we have in place. It's very easy to do business with them. 

They've got a good handle on the industry which matters. They identify areas of risk and when we have claims they'll work through which policy to claim under, which is going to make the most sense for us.
There’s always someone on the phone if we need help. I feel confident they’re on top of everything and we've got appropriate coverage in place.

Chris Pensabene, CFO, Stone & Wood Brewery
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