The sad story of Justin Case

Justin Case is a passionate risk assessor for Craft Breweries – the best in the business some say. But his story is one of tragedy - and zealous drive to ensure no-one ever went through that themselves.

He grew up in a small country town where his father ran the centuries-old family business: Case Brewing Co.

Justin is a glass half empty person. He had an obsession for identifying risks. Everywhere. He constantly alerted his parents to things that could go wrong. Perils only someone with an eagle-eye for detail would pick up on. And the brewery was a minefield.

Sadly his parents had a complete disregard for detail and compliance, ignoring Justin's pleas and saying ‘back in my day’ and ‘she’ll be right’.

Then disaster struck. His family brewery burnt to the ground. “She’ll be right mate” doesn’t protect you from fire. They were underinsured and lost everything.

It's why we created Crafted Insurance. So no one would have to go through that pain again.

To help him, Justin has assembled a cracking team. To create your Insurance on Tap™.

Introducing Team Justin


Biker Matt

When Matt needs to clear his head, he jumps on his Harley and just goes. The freedom of the open road, the power of his Street Bob and his mind just running free. Troubles dissolving into dust behind him.

He is also mad for insurance. Some would say born into it but he started at the age of 16. He has had the privilege of working with Stone & Wood since they started. Protecting them every step of the way learning and understanding what they need at the different stages in their business growth and life. He knows insurance. He understands everything about the craft brewing business. And he loves an XPA, IPA and a great Australian Pale Ale.

Matthew Denehy is one of 44 national directors of the Harley Owners Group and leads the Northern NSW Chapter, he is the Managing Director of Oracle Group Insurance Brokers and has a vast and variety of business interests.

Matthew looks after QLD, NSW & ACT breweries.

You can contact him on 1800 962 089 or alternatively email him


Surfer Brent

Brent has been surfing since he was a young grommet, often crossing the sharky Gage Roads channel to surf the uncrowded breaks at Rottnest Island. The meditative appeal of the open sea, salty tang of the ocean breezes and the exhilaration of cutting a great wave. It still captures him today.

He is also a 3rd generation insurance broker. It’s in his blood. He loves working with craft brewery businesses and helping owners understand their obligations, responsibilities, risks. He protects them so that their business and all those that rely on it, is safe. Loves a hoppy, fruity, sessionable IPA!

Brent Campbell, Young Gun Insurance broker of the Year 2016. Gun Boardrider in his dreams.

Executive Director Oracle Group Insurance Brokers Brent looks after WA, SA & NT breweries.

You can contact him on 1800 962 089 or alternatively email him


Farmer Jane

Jane’s happy place is working on her farm in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria. The satisfaction of physical work; outdoor lifestyle; making restorative changes to the land, and watching her ponies get fat as she sips on a Cider watching the sunset over the hills.

She is also an exceptionally experienced insurance broker and loves the diversity of small businesses she works with while understanding the complexity of large business. Jane is particularly drawn to business owners that are passionate about their work. Doing it out of sheer enthusiasm and enjoyment. And craft breweries fit that to a 'T'.

Jane also loves a sour sitting around the camp-fire on her farm after a long day’s work.

Jane Martin, Champion horse woman, Executive Director Oracle Group Insurance Brokers Jane looks after VIC & TAS breweries.

You can contact her on 1800 962 089 or alternatively email her

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They know who we are, they know our industry.

The best thing is the direct contact with their staff. They know who we are, they know our business, they know what policies we have in place. It's very easy to do business with them. 

They've got a good handle on the industry which matters. They identify areas of risk and when we have claims they'll work through which policy to claim under, which is going to make the most sense for us.
There’s always someone on the phone if we need help. I feel confident they’re on top of everything and we've got appropriate coverage in place.

Chris Pensabene, CFO, Stone & Wood Brewery
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They have given me a lot of comfort

Opening up a distillery is a minefield of potential risks from security to safety. Finding someone that focuses on just this area has given me a lot of comfort.

Matt and the team at Craft Brewery Insurance are great to deal with and we'd be happy to recommend them to anyone.

James Greig , Founder , Wildflower Gin
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Thank you for your Support

Thanks so much for Craft Brewery Insurances' support and sponsorship of the Brewers lunch event last Friday - there was just under $10k raised for the Foundation and we're all absolutely thrilled with the result and support!

Shaelene Hancock, Philanthropy Officer, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
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