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What started as a laugh and a hobby is now a full-time job. Somehow along the way enough people got excited by your craft beers and their refreshing flavours that you kept on making more and more. 

You have a payroll, forklifts, lots of cool machinery, a gazillion admin tasks, and a relentless focus on sales. And still you are learning.

But to quote the great Donald Rumsfeld, “It’s the unknowns and unknown, unknowns that will get you." And in business we are all learning as we go along.

Insurance is just one such unknown. At this stage of your business life we highly recommend our Free Risk Audit for your local craft brewery. So at least you can be informed about the risks you are carrying, and can start to do something proactive about them.

At the very least.

You must have

  • Property & Asset Insurance

    This covers all the stuff you need to make beer – tanks, pumps, mash urns, electrical equipment – and includes the buildings, contents and stock* in case certain events happen.

    These include fire, storms, malicious damage, explosions, earthquake, wind, and leakage of liquids, including water. 

    Any one of those events could be enough to stop the business. Which would be devastating.
    * Including customers & supplier’s goods.

  • Public & Products Liability Insurance

    If members of the public come onto your business premises, then you must have this. Whether it’s brewery tours, your own taproom, bar area, or suppliers coming onto the site, your business is exposed.

    During daily business activities, accidents and mistakes can happen. If they cause injury, losses or damage your business is potentially liable. 

    Public Liability insurance protects your business for any such events, including injury to other people, or their property.

    Products Liability covers you if your products injure or damage a third party. You are responsible at law – and need protection.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

    The moment you employ people you must have Workers Compensation Insurance. It’s compulsory and a legal requirement for anyone the legislation deems is a “worker”. It protects employers from financial costs when a worker sustains a work-related injury or disease. 

    Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania are all underwritten direct by insurers. Victoria is managed by Worksafe and underwritten by insurers, and New SouthWales and Queensland are underwritten by the State Governments. We can assist you to organise this insurance for your business.

  • Cyber & Privacy Protection Insurance

    Imagine you were hacked, and illegal content was sent to your key accounts. Or they seized control of your electrical equipment and all production stopped. No more brewing, no more sales.

    This insurance covers you for any losses that the business or a third-party might incur as a result of a cyber-attack.

    It also covers privacy breaches if anyone from your business accidentally exposes customer data. 

    If you have employees and/or are connected to the internet in any way, you are vulnerable to a digital fire, with potentially huge costs, fines & penalties.

  • Management Liability Insurance

    Your hobby is now a significant business and now much more complex. As managers, there is now a lot to get your head around.

    Management Liability Insurance is a comprehensive insurance cover for Private companies (with a turnover of up to $50M).

    It provides protection for the directors and management as well as your Company or Partnership for most of the major breaches and risks that might occur in the day to day running of the business.

    Whether it's employment-related, health & safety, statutory liability or tax audit this policy protects you and your business.

  • Product Recall Insurance

    If any of your beer became contaminated during manufacturing, or any of it was mislabeled you would have to recall it. The associated financial and reputational costs would be high.

    Product recall insurance covers recall, replacement and make good expenses. It also provides for expert consultants to mitigate brand damage and can cover business interruption costs.

    Note product liability insurance does NOT cover product recall.

And need to consider

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance

    Your vehicles are an essential tool of the trade. Visiting suppliers, distributors, customers or simply carting supplies and brewing equipment around.

    Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers your business for any damages to the vehicles you use or any damages they cause to people or property.

  • Goods in Transit Insurance

    Goods in Transit Insurance covers your business for damage to insured property – whether beer, equipment or machinery - whilst in transit within Australia & overseas caused by certain defined events.

  • Business Travel Insurance

    You are travelling in a work capacity. Showcasing your beers at events and tastings, attending brewery and business conferences.

    Corporate Travel insurance covers employees against any mishaps: from illness & injury, missed connections and lost or damaged goods, just to name a few. 

  • Key Person Insurance

    Your business is growing, dynamic and dependent upon a few key people. If any of those became incapacitated or died it would have a major impact. Often it can bring the business to a complete standstill.

    Key Person insurance pays the business in the event such a tragedy happened. So that it could carry on operating and in time replace the key person.

Get protected and be free to focus on the important stuff

Free Risk Audit

  • Uncover the risks and liabilities hidden in your business
  • Expert advice on how to mitigate the risks
  • Proactive plans you can implement

They know who we are, they know our industry.

The best thing is the direct contact with their staff. They know who we are, they know our business, they know what policies we have in place. It's very easy to do business with them. 

They've got a good handle on the industry which matters. They identify areas of risk and when we have claims they'll work through which policy to claim under, which is going to make the most sense for us.
There’s always someone on the phone if we need help. I feel confident they’re on top of everything and we've got appropriate coverage in place.

Chris Pensabene, CFO, Stone & Wood Brewery
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They have given me a lot of comfort

Opening up a distillery is a minefield of potential risks from security to safety. Finding someone that focuses on just this area has given me a lot of comfort.

Matt and the team at Craft Brewery Insurance are great to deal with and we'd be happy to recommend them to anyone.

James Greig , Founder , Wildflower Gin
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Thank you for your Support

Thanks so much for Craft Brewery Insurances' support and sponsorship of the Brewers lunch event last Friday - there was just under $10k raised for the Foundation and we're all absolutely thrilled with the result and support!

Shaelene Hancock, Philanthropy Officer, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
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