Distillery Insurance

Crafted Insurance for your distillery

The number of distilleries has exploded around the country. Driven by passionate artisans focussed on crafting their perfect drop. Whether it be gin, vodka, rum or whiskey.

Along the way what started out as a hobby has become a booming cottage industry with over 170 gin distilleries alone.

Passionate hobbyists are now operating businesses with many moving parts.

You have a payroll, lots of cool machinery, forklifts, a deluge of admin tasks, serious compliance and WHS issues, and a relentless focus on sales.

And still you are learning.

Little wonder that so many distilleries are chronically under-insured. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Yet all your hard work, dedication and passion is on the line.


It’s why we recommend our Free Risk Audit for your distillery.

So at least you can be informed about the risks you are carrying and can start to do something proactive about them.

To find out more about distillery insurance call us on 1800 962 089 or fill in the form below for your Free Risk Audit. 

Get protected and be free to focus on the important stuff

Free Risk Audit

  • Uncover the risks and liabilities hidden in your business
  • Expert advice on how to mitigate the risks
  • Proactive plans you can implement