Crafted Insurance on Tap™

Craft Brewery Insurance is Australia’s first (& only) specialist insurance company dedicated to protecting craft breweries, nano and micro breweries, gypsy brewers and brew pubs. With a decade of experience, we understand the risks and obligations you face.

It's why we have created these specific craft beer insurance packages to match where your business is.

Packages to suit every size of brewery:


You're just starting out. It's all hands on deck and loads of fun. You and your mates are doing all the work and selling whatever you make to family and friends.


No longer a backyard hobby. You’re starting to employ people, your craft brewery is now a destination with tours, tastings and serving food.


Your place is buzzing. A major visitor destination and people love it. But it is also a complex mash of manufacturing, hospitality and retail sales.

Local Craft

Now you have a payroll, forklifts, lots of cool machinery, a gazillion admin tasks, and a relentless focus on sales. And still, you are learning.

National Craft

You're a national business. At this point, it is important to have an in-depth risk analysis and consultation. Long before you buy an insurance policy.

Distillery Insurance

So many distilleries are chronically under-insured. All your hard work, dedication and passion is on the line. It’s why we recommend our Free Risk Audit for your distillery.

Get protected and be free to focus on the important stuff

Free Risk Audit

  • Uncover the risks and liabilities hidden in your business
  • Expert advice on how to mitigate the risks
  • Proactive plans you can implement